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Where Via dei Tigli, 12-18, Torino

Neighborhood located in the extreme northern edge of the city of Turin. Until the late nineteenth century was a predominantly rural area, dotted with farmland, grazing and livestock farms. The first settlement, now known as "Old Village", included a few houses and some shops. In the aftermath of Second World War, facing the need to increase employment working and building houses for workers, the Committee "INA-House" bought part of the area to build a brand new district, the current "Old Falchera". The project, carried out between 1952 and 1954, gave birth to a village separate from the rest of the city, characterized by a pattern of red brick tenements arranged radially around a common center, which has its heart in now Giovanni Astengo Square. In the early 70s, as a result of the constant increase in population, the district was expanded, creating the new urban center known as "New Falchera". On the west side of the road stands the eighteenth century Cascina Falchera, which currently houses the "Cultural Center for Environmental Education and Agriculture of the City of Turin": an educational farm dedicated to breeding and cultivation, with a food processing workshop, multipurpose spaces and recreational facilities. In the north-east, stretch instead the so-called "Falchera Lakes", two large artificial lakes.

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