Luogo - Museum

Pav - Parco Arte Vivente

Where Via Giordano Bruno, 31, Torino
The Living Art Park, which opened in November 2008, is part of a national museum of contemporary art in the system, already rich and complex, with its own specificity: analysis, testing and dissemination of '"art of living". The PAV is emerging as a place of exchange, encounter, artistic aggregation of instances to create new models of society, not just an exhibition, but an area of ​​search for artists working with organic matter, the processuality, the complexity of the biosphere. The core of the permanent works primarily consists Biome, interactive environmental installation by Piero Gilardi and Trèfle, the plant organism by Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, has already become a symbol. In addition to these permanent works, consists of the Art Program, directed by Piero Gilardi and edited by Claudio Cravero, which provides for temporary exhibitions in the interior spaces and the implementation of site-specific projects in the park of 23,000 square meters curated by landscape architect Gianluca Cosmacini .
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