Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Comunale

Where Via Giuseppe Mazzini, Todi (Perugia)

Municipal Theatre is located in the center, to signify the importance for society of the nineteenth century. Designed in 1868 by Carlo Gatteschi, it is an architectural work of great importance. It was inaugurated in 1876 with "A Masked Ball" by Verdi. Hall, a horseshoe plant, has four tiers, with a capacity of about 500 spectators. Stucco, with profiles of famous people, are work by Studio Angeletti and Biscarini, of Perugia; gilding by Giosuè and Daniele Lumaconi; the paintings on the ceiling and the boxes by Matteo Tassi and Alfonso Morganti; the curtain by Annibale Brugnoli. After a period of decline, the Theater was restored between 1982 and 1992, then re-opened to the public, with seating for 499 spectators.

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