Corso Dante , 9, Terlizzi, (Bari)
The ‘Michael de Naples’ Gallery was created by bequest with which the artist, in 1892, wanted to donate to the town of Terlizzi, his rich collection of artistic works (over a thousand paintings and drawings) to be placed inside of the building where he lived, also available to those who wanted to enjoy his art and appreciate the beauty in all its expressions. In 2009 the building, after a detailed restoration and renovation, in order to adapt to the needs of a modern art gallery, was returned to public use, giving the City Council the opportunity to set up the " Michele de Napoli” exhibition in July 2010: from the ’historical art research’ to the late works. The exhibition presents a selection of 85 significant works, in particular the artistic research conducted by Michele de Napoli in almost sixty years, between Naples, Rome and Terlizzi. The Art Gallery, with modern exhibition facilities and sophisticated information systems, is planning, in addition to the show, the creative expression of Michael de Naples, to offer opportunities for cultural enrichment through the organisation of temporary exhibitions and educational workshops aimed at school aged children

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