Luogo - Religious building

Sinagoga di Siena

Where delle Scotte, 14, Siena

The Synagogue of Siena, designed in 1786 on the site where stood the previous places of prayer, is located in Vicolo delle Scotte near Piazza del Campo. Rappersenta today one of the few examples of architecture from the Rococo and Neoclassicism in Tuscany. The simple exterior facade and, in contrast, the elegant interior is richly decorated are examples of the synagogues built before Emancipation. The Hall of slightly rectangular shape, is home to the sides of the pews, while the center is a podium (Teva) supplemented by nine to ten candelabra arms of the eighteenth century. Among the items preserved deserves special attention a chair of Elijah, located in the large entrance hall that precedes the hall of worship, donated to the Community in 1860 by Rabbi Nissin. On the back are finely inlaid wood in the verses that remind us of the circumcision, ceriminia for which it was created. The visit of the Sinogoga is complemented by a small educational exhibition in Italian and in English: a course of text, images and documents, through significant events of the Jewish presence in 700 years.

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