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Sant'Agata De' Goti

Where Sant'Agata De' Goti (Benevento)

The landscape integrity of historic center and the surrounding rural hamlets are worth the nickname "Perla del Sannio". The town is "Orange Flag" of Italian Touring Club and since 2012 it is part of the circuit "The most beautiful villages in Italy". The city is divided into two parts: a modern one, built from the late nineteenth century and the other of Roman foundation, located on a rock of tufa. The remaining municipal territory is mainly hilly and is home to districts, farms and hamlets of various sizes, starting since Longobard era. Norman quadrangular towers can still be seen today in the structure of original Castle, which preserves traces of the early Medieval rooms on the ground floor, while on the exterior the jutting body added in the nineteenth century with a series of shops is evident. Among the churches, in addition to Cathedral of Assumption, there are Church of Annunciation, of San Menna and Convent of San Francesco. Between the eighteenth and nineteenth century wonderful court residences were born, rich in hanging gardens and vegetable gardens. Church of Madonna del Carmine, in homonymous square, houses a Museum that collects artifacts from the life of St. Alphonsus Maria de' Liguori. In the month of September is "Suoni di Terra - Popoli Ritmi e Danze - Festival of Music and Other Cultures", multicultural festival that takes place every year.

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