Luogo - Castle

Castello di Sammezzano

Where Località Sammezzano, 6, Reggello (Firenze)

Sammezzano Castle acquired its current appearance thanks to Ferdinando Panciatichi Ximenes d'Aragona, a great lover of Orientalism, who transformed existing building between 1843 and 1889. Expenses much of his life to achieve Castle and Sammezzano Park was both owner and contractor, engineer, architect and geologist, designing and building the structure with the help of manpower. At his death he was buried in a tomb in the castle itself, burial ground, and then translated. Than Sammezzano belonged to very important families. In 1927 the complex was certificate of "Public Particular Interest" and under protection in 1972. Castle, which dominates the hill above Leccio (Reggello), presents double facade symbolizing the sun and the moon, already announcing wonders and mysteries that encloses. Many inner rooms constituting a virtual journey throughout East, from China and Saudi until Arab Spain: each room is a world that Ferdinand has never actually seen, but who has known through research and deep study, as denoting phrases, sayings and comments (in Latin and Italian) that accompany visitors on this trip. Among the rooms they are worthy of mention Entrance Hall (1853), Hall of Stalactites (1863), Ballroom (1867) and Central Tower (1889). As an expert of plants and botany enthusiast, Ferdinando Panciatichi also reorganized green area surrounding Castle, about 65 hectares, with many rare and exotic plants that were to have dual purpose of beautifying the exteriors and gradually introduce visitors to wonders of Moorish style.

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