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Where Ser Lapo Mazzei, 43, Prato

House Museum "Francesco Datini" was born as an articulation of the activities of the "Foundation Casa Pia dei Ceppi", heir to the legacies of Monte di Turingo Pugliesi and Francesco Di Marco Datini. The Museum, which form part of the same areas of the house of the merchant with the splendid pictorial equipment restored, develops in the spaces of the ground floor of Datini Palace and aims to illustrate, through captions in Italian and English accompanied by a number of images, objects of use and works of art of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, and original letters from the Datini Archives, the life of Francis Datini and his work as a merchant, as well as the rich history of his home and the welfare of the institution created to will and testament after his death: the "Ceppo dei Poveri" by Francesco Di Marco.

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