Luogo - Historical building

Ex Monastero di Sant'Anna in Camprena

Where camprena, Pienza (Siena)

Monastic Complex of Sant'Anna in Camprena consists of the abbey church, the adjacent monastery and the small cemetery, located behind the church. The church was finished and consecrated in 1517, maintaining its original characteristics in the following centuries. The monastery stands to the right of the church, its main facade gives on the long side of the churchyard and is devoid of special decorations. The monastery is built around the cloister, completed in 1501 and remodeled in the 18th century, with a rectangular plan with four vaulted ceilings and a Renaissance well. Behind the monastery there is a large garden, in the middle of which there is a circular fountain. Along the south-eastern gallery of the cloister, an environment opens up on the refectory: the frescoes of the refectory were made starting from 10 July 1503 and finished towards the middle of the following year.

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