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Museo delle cere di Piacenza

Where Piacenza

It's the only Wax Museum of Northern Italy, third regarding importance. The most significant thing is its originanality to amend the very conception of the wax museum: not the representation of contemporary celebrities who normally (thinking of Madame Tussauds) are the last singer or the last player to turn, but to otherwise the result of historical research aimed at identifying people who have left a significant trace of himself in various fields, winning the oblivion of time. Ratio is the same of the Wax Museum of Mozart in Salzburg. The path has its beginning with the Etruscans and ends in '900; through the valuable teaching cards (translated in English) prepared by the journalist and local historian Roberto Mori, the visitor has the pleasure of absorbing, on different lines, as happened in the and discover between curiosity and amazement, with countless links the wealth of shared knowledge of each of us. In short, the route offers the opportunity to delve, real flash impact, from art to wine, from the Great History to the history of costumes. Yes because of the excellence that is certainly the Museum boasts the collaboration of one of the greatest Italian film costume: Stefano Nicolao (known for productions such as "Marco Polo", "The Merchant of Venice", "Farinelli"). Real works of art, however, that our costumes are a corollary to the wonderful personality so well played that seems to want to talk and tell the visitor.

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