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Museo della Resistenza Piacentina

Where Piacenza

The Association of the Museum organizes tours for groups, that trace the paths partisans and other events. The Resistance Museum of Piacenza, was born to want of the Distrect of Piacenza, of the Mountain Community of Valleys Nura and Arda, the City of Morfasso, and thanks to the collaboration of the Historical Institute of the Resistance and the contemporary age and the PNA. It was opened on April 25, 2009. This Museum, which is located in Sperongia of Morfasso, contains memorabilia, pictures, documents, information, biographies, memories and is equipped with interactive technologies with which it can study topics such as Resistance in four valleys: the roundups, deportations, the role of the civilian population and of the priests of the mountain, the key contribution of women. The Museum is run by a voluntary association that organizes tours for groups, that trace the paths partisans.

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