Paulilatino, Area archeologica di Santa Cristina c
Archaeological Area

Area archeologica di Santa Cristina

Paulilatino, (Oristano)
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The archaeological siteof Santa Cristina is characterised by two different areas: the Nuragic complexand the church dedicated to the Saint with the little houses (called cumbessiasor muristenes) used to give hospitality to the pilgrims. The Nuragiccomplex consists of a well temple surrounded by the ruins of a Nuragic villageand the nuraghe of Santa Cristina, with some remains of houses dating fromdifferent periods. Thanks to its refined building technique, the well temple ofSanta Cristina is the most representative in Sardinia and dates back to the11th-9th century BC. Built of basalt stone blocks, it is surrounded by a wallthat delimits the elliptical sacred area (temenos). A flight of stairsleads to the bottom of the well, where spring water still gushes. Near thetemple is the well- preserved meeting hut (14m long) with its perimetric bench,and some small huts. The nuraghe Santa Cristina is 200m far from here. It is amodest single-tower structure (6m high), built of rough-shaped stones. Nearby,two huts with well- preserved stone slabs roof are still visible.

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