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Mercato di Ballarò

Where Via Tesauro Francesco Paolo, Palermo

Heart of the Albergheria quarter, Ballarò Market was probably derives its name from Bahlara village, at Monreale, from which at one time came many Arab merchants. The famous Market of Palermo (together with those of the Vucciria, Capo, the Flea Market and Lattarini) is extending from Professa Square to the ramparts of Tukory Course, towards St. Agata's Gate. Famous for selling the fruits that come from the countryside of Palermo, Ballarò is the oldest of the city's markets. Attended by hundreds of people and animated by "abbanniate", loud cries of vendors, offers for tourists visiting a colorful variety of stalls selling mainly typical local cuisine and street food: boiled or baked onions, "panelle" (fried chickpea flour), "crocchè" or "cazzilli" (potato croquettes), octopus, "quarume" (calf sweetbreads) and the unmissable "panino con la meusa" (sandwich with milt).

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