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Camera delle Meraviglie di Palermo

Where Via Porta di Castro, 239, Palermo

Discovered during the renovation of a historic building, Chamber of Wonders of Palermo, also known as "Stanza Araba" or "Stanza Blu", is a jewel of Sicilian orientalism. It is an environment completely painted in cobalt blue, a color dear to Islamic art, on which groups of silver-colored inscriptions and gold lamps stand out, inspired by Orientalist taste in vogue between the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, the era to which the palace dates back. The inscriptions, which repeat the verse "Praise be to God, nothing is like Him", not only seem to be able to read palindrome (in both the verses, in one sense in Arabic, the other in Latin), but even, according to the discovery of musician Giuseppe Mazzamuto, conceals a sequence of musical notes. Chamber of Wonders can be visited on special occasions thanks to the availability of landlords, or agreed with reservations required.

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