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Museo Diocesano

Where Via Matteo Bonello, 2, Palermo

The Diocesan Museum of Palermo was opened in 1927 in the palace of the Cardinal Archbishop Alexander Lualdi (1904-1927). At the beginning, the collection consisted mostly of sculptures that decorated the Cathedral. It could thus observe Renaissance and Baroque reliefs as well as other artifacts from churches destroyed or no longer used. To this was added a major loan of works from the National Museum of Palermo (now the Regional Gallery of Palazzo Abatellis) that included, among other things, paintings of Giorgio Vasari, Marco Antonio Alberti and Marco Pino said Barbalonga, the latter still now in the show. After the Second World War, in 1952, the museum was renovated with the aim of exposing the assets also survived the bombing. In 1972 the museum was re-opened with a third version, the halls were embellished with artistic products from churches where there were not sufficient security measures. The current exhibition, designed by the Superintendent BB.CC.AA. of Palermo, in the restored rooms designed by the architect Salvatore Forzisi and Eng. Giuseppe Siragusa, was opened to the public December 22, 2003, in the presence of Cardinal Archbishop Salvatore De Giorgi (1996-2007).

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