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Piazza e Fontana Pretoria

Where Piazza Pretoria, Palermo

Pretoria Square is located on the edge of the Kalsa district. In 1573, to make way for the monumental fountain purchased by the Senate of Palermo from Luigi from Toledo, in Florence, they were demolished several homes (which is why it was defined "Fountain of Shame"). The work was completed in 1581. The Fountain, designed by Francesco Camilliani in 1554, occupies most of the Praetorian floor, closed on three of the four sides by important buildings: Pretorio Palace (the Town Hall) built in the fourteenth century, the St. Catherine's Church (XVI century) and Bonocore Bordonaro Palace. On the fourth side, the Ssquare down a staircase of Via Maqueda. Pretoria Fountain, one of the most impressive architectural and scenic in the city, revolves around a central basin surrounded by four bridges and stairways by a fence railings. It consists of three concentric tanks, from which begins the game of water that is poured from Bacchus. The statues that surround depict the Olympians and the ancient Palermo rivers (Oreto, Papireto, Maredolce and Gabriele). The central part is surrounded by sculptural depictions of various mythological gods.

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