Complesso monumentale Santa Maria dello Spasimo

Piazza Spasimo, Palermo

The history of the Pang begins around 1506, when the jurist Gaicomo Basilico gave to the monks of Monte Oliveto the land to build a church and a convent, probably because of its devotion to Our Lady in Need, "agonizes" in front to Christ on the cross. In 1569 the Senate of Palermo, bought church and convent for military purpose. In 1624 the outbreak of the plague and the need to integrate the hospital in the spaces of Palermo imposed the transformation of a part of the monument in "leper hospital" to accommodate the sick. Later the building was used to store grain and cereals, then in hotel for the poor people ("deposit of begging"). In 1855 its original appearance was partially transformed, because of the location of the hospital and after the Unification of Italy some of the buildings were turned into warehousing. From 1931 onwards we highlight different structural damage due to earthquakes and floods that damaged beyond repair and in 1988 they started the renovations. Today, the Pang is one of the most beautiful sites of international importance, home of numerous cultural events; representations, concerts and exhibitions.

Spasimo c

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