Luogo - Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Eloro - Colonna Pizzuta

Where Strada Provinciale 59, 10, Noto (Siracusa)

Ancient Siceliot polis, today is archaeological site located on a hill overlooking Ionian Sea, about 8 kilometers south-east of Noto. The city walls, dating to the sixth century BC, were rebuilt on older ones. To the southeast a Medieval tower, Torre Stampace, was built in 1353. The most important sanctuary was outside the city walls: it was dedicated to Demeter and Kore and was comprised of different environments. The first construction dates back to the sixth century BC, but it was used until the third century BC, as evidenced by the votive in Archaeological Museum of Noto. The arcade was also connected with the agora, which remains visible only rock-cut cisterns to collect rainwater. Perhaps a sanctuary dedicated to god Asclepius, of fourth century BC, consisted of a courtyard surrounded by arcades, where the sick slept were standing waiting for the visit to dream of God. To the south is a Greek theater, partly dug into the rock and partly built, dating from late fourth century BC.

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