Luogo - Historical building

Grangia di Sant'Anna

Where Villa Regina Elena, Montauro (Catanzaro)

Following the donation of Count Roger the Noman to the Carthusians of Serra San Bruno, it was decided to articulate the agricultural organization of the region through a series of capillary structures. The first of these is the Grangia of Montauro, conceived in 1114 and equipped with outbuildings suitable for the collection and processing of agricultural products (mills, oil mills, warehouses etc.). The building then assumes the connotation of farm with dormitory, dining hall and chapel for religious services, designed to accommodate even the most senior monks. The management was entrusted to a prosecutor, who administered as a "satellite" of the Charterhouse. The building is on a hill and was built like a fortress, with a rectangular plant, with four watch towers placed at the corners. Between 1192 and 1193, the Charterhouse and all his possessions came under the Cistercian Order, which involved changing the name and dedicated to St. Anne. The earthquake of 1783 destroyed the Grangia, but its ruins, after thorough archaeological excavations and restoration, are still visible.

* M. Buonfiglio, La Grangia di Montauro e il suo territorio, Catanzaro, 2002

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