Luogo - Archaeological Area

Parco Archeologico di Scolacium

Where Via Scylletion, Borgia (Catanzaro)

The Scolacium Archaeological Park and the Antiquarium (set up in the rural estate of noble Mazza family, with adjoining Museum of the Oil Mill) arise in 1982, near the town of Roccelletta of Borgia (CZ), in a vast land cultivated with olive trees. The area, in addition to being affected by the presence of the remains of a Norman Basilica dedicated to St. Mary of the Roccella, brought out the remains of the ancient Roman colony of Minerva Scolacium, built in 120 BC over the ruins of the Greek colony of Skylletion. From the excavations, which began in 1965, there was no wall structures of the Greek city, but the emergence of abundant ceramic material and coinage of the sixth century BC suggests to the overlap of the two topographic city. The material found is displayed at the Antiquarium. Much more substantial remains of the city walls of Scolacium: towards the sea there is the Roman forum, large rectangular paved area with square bricks and surrounded by arcades (Caesareum, Curia and baths), which also houses the remains of a small temple, a monumental fountain and a court. From this area comes a large number of statues and portraits covering a period between the first and the third centuries AD. On the hill, past the forum, there is the theater built between the first and the second centuries AD, with a capacity of 3.500 spectators. From the scene of the theater, come some heads portrait of Julio-Claudian and Flavian era, as well as two large white marble statues of stipendiary. Newly discovered, over the hill, an amphitheater of the second century AD, three baths, a necropolis and the aqueduct.


Free entrance. Everyday from 9:00 a.m. to sunset

* Roberto Spadea, Da Skylletion a Scolacium: il parco archeologico della Roccelletta, Roma, 1989
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