Luogo - Museum

Museo delle Reali Ferriere Borboniche (Fabbrica d'Armi)

Where Piazza Regina Elena, Mongiana (Vibo Valentia)

Museum of the Royal Bourbon Ironworks is a museum of Industrial Archeology site in the municipality of Mongiana, inaugurated in 2013 and focused on the history of the steel plant created during the Bourbon Kingdom (XVIII-XIX century). The Museum is part of the Arms Factory, armory dating back to 1852, created in replacement of the factory rods Rifle French era. Designed by Domenico Fortunato Savino, is accessible by two Doric columns in cast iron, distinctive element of particular strength. At full capacity, the factory supplied annually the Bourbon army of 7000-8000 weapons including rifles, pistols and swords. It was here that it was born a new type of rifle called "Mongiana". Ignored and penalized after the Unification of Italy, it continued its activity until the mid-60s, to be downgraded to Workshop Transformations and finally abandoned.

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