Luogo - Museum

Museo della Certosa

Where Via San Michele, 1, Serra San Bruno (Vibo Valentia)

Established in 1993 to respond to numerous requests for pilgrims and tourists eager to learn about the history and life of the Carthusian Monastery governed by the rule of a hermit, it leads the visitor through the cloistered environments - from the cell to the convent church - reconstructed with great fidelity also in the choice of materials used, cooked by the rough plaster. The spiritual and historical presence of the Carthusian order and the Charterhouse of Serra San Bruno is enriched with salt issues relating to Bruno's iconography, the Carthusian Saints, the liturgy to the Library. The path is also supported by panels that provide the framework of the cultural historical period (eleventh century) that saw the birth of the monastic complex.

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