Luogo - Theatre

Teatro Storchi

Where Largo Garibaldi, 15, Modena

In the second half of the nineteenth century, the merchant Gaetano Storchi built the namesake theater, designed by Vincenzo Maestri. The Storchi arose with an architectural structure in double facade: the main, facing the square, and the west to the walk of the walls, executed in Greek-Roman style. The architect drew up a formally, elegant and harmonious project, with local service, reduced, smoking room, coffee. The hall was performing coverage bowl painted by Fermo Forti, depicting the apotheosis of Gioacchino Rossini and Carlo Goldoni. The scale of the second order was entered the foyer communicating with terraces. In 1893, failures were encountered in time, together with the poor acoustics of the Theater and a "disconnect" in the stage, they brought about a radical restructuring, headed by Luigi Sfondrini, who provided the re-roofing, with a slight modification of the curvature of room and building (1895) of the second west loggia. In the following years they were recorded continuous modifications and rastorations. Taken in management by the city of Modena in 1981, it resumed his intense activity in 1986.

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