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Laboratorio delle macchine matematiche

Where Via G.Campi, 213/b, Modena

The collection of machines of the Laboratory of the University Department of Pure and Applied Mathematics, focused on mathematics and geometry, was formed primarily for educational purposes, moving by the desire to "try" and "translate" into concrete terms and physically perceptible theorems, demonstrations, models and mathematical problems, whose abstraction makes complex perception and understanding. The construction of the instruments was inspired by suggestions and descriptions of the technical and scientific literature reference, with a time span ranging from Euclidean geometry to the great nineteenth-century, passing through the relationship between mathematics and mechanics instituted since the sixteenth century onwards until present. Most machines refers to the XVI-XIX centuries, but there are tools "virtual", simulations and animations. Other models still dealing with problems that have long attracted the attention of scholars and artists like projections, perspective, anamorphosis.

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