Statua dell'Immacolata

Piazza Immacolata di Marmo, 7-13, Messina

City Patron by the will of the Senate of Messina from 1647, Patron of the Kingdom of the Two Sicilies and current Patron of Sicily, the Immaculate is honored by this statue in 1757, work in white marble by Giuseppe Buceti, erected in gratitude of city to the Virgin. The Statue rests on a massive square base with buttresses; at the top of the third order, four children hold up in the hands flowers in bronze, four other scrolls are topped by the globe bearing the signs of the zodiac, the dragon heads and cherubs. On the sphere stands the Statue, featuring Baroque drapery, ornaments and Rococo garlands. Complete the work the halo and the bronze crown encircling the head of the Virgin.

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