Area archeologica e museo "La Fenice"

Viale Leopardi, Senigallia, (Ancona)


Pinacoteca diocesana di arte sacra

Piazza Garibaldi, 3, Senigallia, (Ancona)

Historical building

Castello Svevo di Porto Recanati

Piazza Brancondi, Porto Recanati, (Macerata)

Archaeological Area

Area archeologica Montetorto di Osimo

Località Montetorto, Osimo, (Ancona)


Museo del territorio "Oberdan Poleti"

Viale Collio, San Severino Marche, (Macerata)

Archaeological Area

Area archeologica Palazzo dei Capitani

Piazza del Popolo, Ascoli Piceno

Example of Urban Archaeological Area in museum: the path offers the vision of a number of layers pavement from the Roman times to the Middle Ages.

Historical building

Palazzo dei Capitani del Popolo

Piazza del Popolo, 10-16, Ascoli Piceno

The Palace is located in the city center, overlooking People's Square. It stands out for its elegant Medieval crenellated tower, next to the historic Caffè Meletti....

Religious building

Chiesa di San Francesco

Corso Giuseppe Mazzini, 177, Ascoli Piceno

The St. Francis's Church is among the monuments that surround People's Square, the heart of the city of Ascoli Piceno. One of the most interesting examples of Italian...

Point of interest

Piazza Rinascimento

Via Aurelio Saffi, 21, Urbino, (Pesaro e Urbino)

Created in 1563 by the will of Duke Guidobaldo II della Rovere, the Square looks like a long sloping rectangle, whose western side is occupied by the Ducal Palace,...


Obelisco Egizio

Via Aurelio Saffi, 14, Urbino, (Pesaro e Urbino)

This obelisk is one of the twelve original Egyptian obelisks in Italy. It consists of five blocks laid on top of red Aswan granite, dating back to Hophra or Apries...

Historical building

Palazzo Ducale

Piazza Duca Federico, Urbino, (Pesaro e Urbino)

The Ducal Palace, located opposite the Cathedral, is one of the most interesting examples of architecture and art of the entire Italian Renaissance, home to the...