Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo del Governo

Where Piazza del Plebiscito, Ancona

Already Palace of the Governors, is now the headquarters of the Prefecture. It was built in simple forms before 1381, but was extended between 1418 and 1450, incorporating a Medieval tower. From 1484 it was redesigned by the architect Francesco di Giorgio Martini, in Renaissance style, and open to the north by Classic double-portal by Pietro Amoroso. In 1493-94 Michele di Giovanni created the porticoed courtyard in Gothic-Renaissance style. In the same period they were renewed the interior rooms, with a speech lost Melozzo da Forli. The tower, originally from the fourteenth century, was rebuilt in 1581. In 1611 it was enriched the clock and, in 1806, with a chime by he master watchmaker Antonio Podrini from Sant'Angelo in Vado, characterized by four bells that sing the midday melody.

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