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Anfiteatro Romano di Ancona

Where Via Birarelli, 1, Ancona

The first excavations conducted by the Superintendent for the recovery of the Roman amphitheatre of Ancona (built between the end of the first century BC and the beginning of the first century AD) date back to the '30s; a special impetus came with interventions post-earthquake of 1972. Today, although the work is finally near to the completion, the amphitheatre appears like a building site in progress: this is due to the layering of historical urban area, where there are overlapping more recent buildings (Church of St. Gregory, the Convent of St. Bartholomew), but also with historical value. The amphitheatre, with more than 20 steps, could be able to accommodate from 7.000 to 10.000 spectators; at the end of the ancient world, ceased its function of building for show and had to play the role of a fortress, only to be finally abandoned and reduced to building materials.

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