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Riserva e Centro di Ambientamento "Golia Corvo"

Where SP255, Longobucco (Cosenza)

The Reserve is centrally located on Great Sila plateau on granite prevalent rocks. The area occupies part of the basin of the Cecita stream until its introduction into the homonymous artificial lake. Geological plateau is made exclusively of granites which, by alteration, give rise to loose, not very fertile soils. Despite this, they can be considered as good forest land. The climate according to De Philippis is of Mediterranean type with winters not too rigid and summers not very hot, but droughty. According to Pavari's classification the reserve is entirely in the phyto-climatic fascia of the Fagetum, a subtropical subsoil with transitions to the cold subzone.

Flora and vegetation: The abundance consists of 320 ha of pure fusus of Pinus nigra var. larch (larch pine) and 20 ha of mixed fags of Fagus sylvatica (beech) and Abies alba (fir spruce).

Fauna: Among the mammals are the Capreolus capreolus (roe deer) and Cervus elaphus (deer) area thanks to the reintroductions carried out at the end of the eighties by then Calabrian National Park in collaboration with the State Forestry Corps.

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