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Museo dell'Artigianato Silano e della Difesa del Suolo

Where Via Roma, 2, Longobucco (Cosenza)

The new Museum of Silicone Crafts and Land Defense, located in Longobucco in the beautiful setting of the former Convent of the Friars Minor Franciscans, is another concrete step in the process of spreading the knowledge of the territory of Silas and its population. Made thanks to the collaboration between the Municipality of Longobucco, the Department of Environmental Protection and the National Park Authority of Sila, the Museum of Silicone Crafts and Soil Protection is part of the project of upgrading of the Park's territory and its promotion as a cultural, naturalistic and sporting destination (with particular reference to the segment of visitors interested in protected areas, to enhance the link between historical-cultural, ecological-environmental and wine and food heritage) promoted and financed by Ente Parco since 2002, one year since its establishment. This is why it was conceived - in line with the Museum of Olive Oil and Peasant Civilization in Zagarise (Cz), inaugurated on November 16, 2009, and the Museum of Agrosilvopastoral Civilization, the Arts and Traditions of Albi (Cz) - as an "ecomuseum", or as a cultural institution whose essential components are the territory, the population and the heritage, understood as all that the community has given in sufficient time to be manifested.

The design of the Museum was organized by Syremont, a Thesauron Group company that operates in public and private environments (museums, theaters, castles, historic villas, private collections, parks and gardens), where real estate, landscaping or urban purpose aimed at public enjoyment. In Novamusa, the Thesauron Group, however, is entrusted with the management of reception services to the public.


Opening hours Museum: 9.30 am - 6.00 pm (every day except Monday); from 16 March to 15 November - in the remaining months opening on request.

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