Luogo - Architecture

Museo di storia naturale del Mediterraneo

Where Roma, 234, Livorno

The Museum was established in 1929, but was closed following the destruction that occurred during the Second World War. Transferred to the Municipal Aquarium, was reopened in 1952 and transferred, in 1980, to the current home. The Museum is a center of culture and scientific research programs for preservation and conservation of natural heritage. The exhibition area is being set up. In December 2000 was opened the hall of the sea, which is home to the skeleton of the great whale Annie and other species of cetaceans, sea turtles, fishes and birds related to the Mediterranean marine environment. In the park and in the spaces once used as allotments there is a botanical garden dedicated to the flora and vegetation of the Mediterranean region, with particular reference to the communities on the coast of Livorno and the Tuscan Archipelago.

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