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Where CORSO MATTEOTTI, SNC, Lanciano (Chieti)
Among the numerous building of the old quarter of Terravecchia in Ortona, the Renaissance Corvo Palace, rich in history and seat of the Tosti National Institute and Museum, deserves a special mention. Founded as a convent, it became property of the Corvo family; afterwards it was purchased and restored by the Town of Ortona. The Musical Museum of the Abruzzi, with its Archive "Francesco Paolo Tosti", was inaugurated on 9 April 1994 (a special guest, the soprano Renata Tebaldi, launched the foundation), with the chief purpose of displaying the artistic heritage concerning Francesco Paolo Tosti. It is the first museum dedicated to music of the region and one of the few analogous institutes in Italy: only four of the twenty-four Italian museums of music are situated in Southern Italy, that is in Ischia (Walton Museum), Palmi (Cilea Museum), Bari (Piccinni Museum) and finally the Tosti Museum of Ortona.
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