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Casa delle Culture

Where Rione Casaletto, Laino Borgo (Cosenza)

The House of the Cultures was opened in 2007 at the Casaletto District, in the former home of the Attademo family. Currently it includes the Public Library "Rosario Rubbettino" and the Civic Museum. The first collects about a thousand volumes from the Lainese Library (active until the '50s and founded in 1909 by Luigi Bloise, Michele D'Alessandro, Salvatore Mitidieri and Leone Ricca). In addition to this fund, the Library collects about 1000 books donated by Giuseppe Carraro; 4000 publications by Rubbettino and Calabria Letteraria; most of the works published by Pellegrino Editore and other donations from private libraries and the City purchases. In 2011, the Library has been enriched important "Amato Campolongo" found, donated by the heirs of the scholar, who collects about 1500 publications of local history and the southern Calabrian. The Museum of Sacred Art has a section with interesting paintings on canvas and wood dating from the seventeenth to the nineteenth century, as well as fine furnishings and vestments; a Mineralogical Section and a permanent exhibition on Jewish that includes the original historical costumes and a plentiful selection of photographs from the early '900 until the' 60s.

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