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Chambave is a town and comune in the Aosta Valley region of northwestern Italy. The communal territory is crossed by the Dora Baltea. The highest peak is the Mont Avic at 3,006 metres (9,862 ft) above sea level. Wine Growers in Chambave produce several Italian wines under the Valle d'Aosta DOC including a rosso, sweet wine Moscato and a Passito. Chambave Rosso - Must contain a minimum of 60% Petit Rouge with Dolcetto, Gamay and Pinot noir making up the rest of the blend. Beyond the Valle d'Aosta DOC requirement, grapes destined for Chambave Rosso must be harvested to a more limited maximum yield of 10 tonnes/ha and be fermented to a minimum 11% alcohol with the six months of aging taking place in wood (usually oak) barrels. Chambave Moscato - Sweet white made from the Moscato di Chambave grape. Harvested to a maximum yield of 10 tonnes/ha and fermented to a minimum alcohol level of 11% with three months aging in wood. Chambae Moscato Passito - Straw wine produced from Moscato di Chambave grapes that have been left to dry into raisins and then fermented to a minimum alcohol level of 16.5% with two years of aging in wood. Twin towns — Sister cities Chambave is twinned with: Saint-Laurent-de-Mure, France References
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