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Religious building

Chiesa di San Nicola di Bari

Largo Giuseppe Ricucci, 1, Cetraro, (Cosenza)

Probably built around the IX century, the Church can be considered as one of the oldest edifices in Cetraro. Originally consisting of a single nave, after the building of the adjiacent Palazzo del Vicario,  the church was enlarged on the right side with an aisle and a sacristy. On the central altar there is the statue of S. Nicholas and, on the top,  a Christ Pantocrator, blessing the observants with his right hand. On the left side of the altar, the statue of Our Lady of the Mount Carmel, wearing a gold Crow, that was realized thanks to the devotion of Cetraro's people. In the aisle, a group of statues representing the ecstasy of S. Margherita Maria Alocoque.



Of ancient origins, Cetraro was probably the first maritime Bruzia city. There are several theories on its etymology: the most accepted approaches its name to abundant production of cedars and lemons (citrus from Latin and kitron from...