Festival - From 09 aug 20 to 11 aug 20 (Catanzaro)

Frac Festival


Frac Festival is the research event for contemporary arts, which ranges from the fields of music and visual arts.The aim of the festival is to research the...

Concert - From 07 sep 20 to 21 sep 20 (Catanzaro)

Settembre al Parco NaturArt


The event created by the provincial administration of Catanzaro is one of the historical events of the region and recalls a series of contamination of cultures,...

Festival - From 09 nov 20 to 12 nov 20 (Catanzaro)

Musica & Cinema Catanzaro


The "Music & Cinema" is confirmed as a national event. The Festival, produced by the Politeama Foundation, aims to enhance the extraordinary relationship between two...