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Where Cannalonga (Salerno)
Cannalonga is a town and comune in the Region of Campania, Province of Salerno. History The town was founded between the 9th and 10th century A.D. It became well known in the region around 1450, when the tradition of the festival called Fiera di Santa Lucia started. Today this festival is better known as Fiera della Frecagnola. Etymology According to some people, this name is due to the large number of bamboo-stems (it:canne di bambù) present in the area. According to others the name is referred to an old measure unit called "canna". Cuisine Traditional meals include: Laane e ciciari (large tagliatelle and chickpeas) Fusilli al sugo di castrato (local pasta with tomato sauce and castrated lamb meat) Tiano (Easter 'poor man' meal based on pastry with sweetcorn, milk and cheese) Pizza chiena (Easter pie based on rice, eggs, cheese and salami) Bollito di capra (boiled goat meat based on an old, traditional recipe. Served as a speciality during the festival 'Fiera della Frecagnola') Special events March 23: Celebration for Turibius of Mongrovejo July: Sagra del Fusillo July 16: Celebration for Madonna del Carmine. 2nd Saturday of September: Fiera della Frecagnola See also Cilento Pruno Cilento External links Comune of Cannalonga Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel

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