Vallo della Lucania

Vallo della Lucania, (Salerno)
Vallo della Lucania (commonly known simply as Vallo) is a town and comune in the province of Salerno in the Campania region of south-western Italy. It lies in the middle of Cilento and its population is 8,680.HistoryA settlement called Castrum Cornutum (meaning: "Fortress of Cornutans") is documented in the 13th century: according to the Italian historian Giuseppe Maiese, it had been founded by colonists from Cornutum, an ancient city in Dalmatia. In the 18th century the town changed its name to Vallo di Novi. In 1806, during the French government of the Kingdom of Naples, it was made a district capital.GeographyThe town is located in the middle of the Cilento and its National Park, close to Gelbison mountain and not too far from the ancient Greek town of Velia.DemographicsGallerySee alsoCilentoGelbison (mountain)Gelbison Cilento (football club)Roman Catholic Diocese of Vallo della LucaniaReferencesExternal links Media related to Vallo della Lucania at Wikimedia Commons(Italian) Comune of Vallo della LucaniaPhotos of the town

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