Archaeological Area

Area Archeologica di Tharros

Cabras, (Oristano)
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Theancient city of Tharros lies, between sea and ponds, in the beautiful landscapeof the Penisola del Sinis, among Capo San Marco, the hill of the Tower of SaintJohn and the high ground Su Murru Mannu. The archaeological site is the resultof different cultures%u2019 superimposition from the Punic age to the early MiddleAges. The first evidences in this area date back to the Nuragic period(1500-1200 BC), but the city of Tharros was founded at the end of the 8thcentury BC by Phoenician colonists maybe coming from the city of Sidon. Themost important areas are the necropolis and the small temple of Capo San Marco,the necropolis of San Giovanni di Sinis and the Phoenician tofet SuMurru Mannu. Recently also the ancient Phoenician- Punic port was brought tolight, south of the western side of the Mistras pond. From the end of the 6thcentury to 238 BC, Tharros became the object of territorial and trade interestsof Carthage thanks to its strategic position. In that period the city sufferedmany transformations. The remains of the great wall on the high ground Su MurruMannu, the rich south and north necropolises, the Punic tofet, templeswith Doric semi- columns and the distyle temple (restored during the Roman-Republican period) date back to this age. In 238-237 BC, Tharros was conqueredby the Romans. The slow but progressive Romanization of the city is testifiedby the northern wall and the distyle temple on the Colle di San Giovanni. Themost important evidences date back to the Imperial period (1st century BC- 4thcentury AD): thermal baths, the remains of a small amphitheatre, an importantroad and sewage system, the aqueduct, the castellum aquae, the forum andseveral temples. Among the few remains from the early Middle Ages, worthmentioning is a baptismal basin dating back to the 5th- 6th century. Tharros,the first capital city of the Giudicato d%u2019Arborea, was abandoned in 1070.


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