Luogo - Religious building

Chiesa di San Matteo

Where Via Roma, 5, Borghetto Santo Spirito (Savona)

The St. Matthew's Church is located in the historic center of Borghetto Santo Spirito. The construction of the first parish church dates from the thirteenth century. With the increase of the population, during the seventeenth century the religious site experienced a new ampliative phase: an arrangement with three naves, divided by columns of Finale's stone, vaulted ceiling and slate flooring. Four paintings by Joseph Badaracco (1644-1655): The Martyrdom of Saint Matthew, The Martyrdom of St. Agatha, the Madonna with Child and Saints Peter, Erasmo and Antonio Abate, and the Miracle of Mula. Among the sculptures, a statue of Saint Matthew, by the workshop of Anton Maria Maragliano, and Santa Maria Maddalena, effigy by Paul Olivari. In 1715 it was made the new marble altar. At the beginning of the nineteenth century it is dated the wooden choir by Perasso. Six stained glass windows that adorn the Church were made in the course of 1950. At the 1978 date from the nearest conservation and cleaning of the columns, while between 1991 and 1993 it proceeded to the pictorial restoration of the frescoes.

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