Museo Diocesano di Bitonto (o Museo Pinacoteca Mons. Aurelio Marena)

Piazza Cattedrale, Bitonto, (Bari)
The Museum of Bitonto was created in 1959 and was located in some rooms of the former episcope of Bitonto in 1965. The need to preserve the heritage of the historic churches of Bitonto, in which the cult was no longer celebrated frequently, prompted the Bishop Marena to preserve and guard the works of art. The same prelate has collected over 1800 historical art pieces ranging from the twelfth century to the early twentieth century and personally oversaw the exhibition of over 600. He organised the Museum in a Art Gallery with treasure of silvers and Romanesque sculptures. Until now, the exhibition venue of the art gallery, the Treasury and the sculptures was in the Tridentine Seminar building in Via Vescovado, built by Bishop John Beard (1737-1749); the lapidary instead occupies a large room on the lower floor of the Episcopal palace. It has been permanently open to the public since the mid-70s.

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