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Polo Museale della SS Trinità in Annunziata - opera "Calamita Cosmica"

Where Via Garibaldi, Avigliano Umbro (Terni)

Former Church of SS. Trinity in Annunziata, in Foligno, is a former Catholic building designed by Carlo Murena and built between 1760 and 1765. The unfinished facade testifies the complexity of the initial project, which involved the participation of prestigious artists and masters for a large stucco decoration. After years of inactivity, the building was used for various tasks (home for troops passing through, bakery, silos, barrack and Office for the State Police), as well as being heavily damaged in the earthquake of 1997, until the restoration by the Region Umbria and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio Foligno. In 2011 was inaugurated inside the Museums, which houses the famous work "Cosmic Magnet" (1988), a masterpiece by artist Gino De Dominicis: a skeleton of twenty-four meters, fiberglass, reassembled and abandoned on the ground, to evoke Mesopotamian reference to "superhuman time".

Polo Museale della SS Trinità in Annunziata: Calamita Cosmica c
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