Archivio di Stato di Avellino

Via G. Verdi, 15/17, Avellino

The State Archive of Avellino was established in execution of the law November 12, 1818 (Collection Two Sicilies kingdom, 1818, No. 1379), but in fact he began to...


Ex Carcere Borbonico

via Dalmazia, 22, Avellino

The Monumental Complex Bourbon Prison is a picturesque place that alone is worth a visit. The boundary wall hides one of the first examples of the prison with an...


Museo Irpino

Corso Europa, 251; sede distaccata: Piazza d' Armi snc, Avellino

The Irpino Museum of Avellino was born in the second half of the nineteenth century, as a result of the donation, for testamentary bequest, the antiquities collection...


Galleria Nazionale dei Selachoidei

via Petronelli, 6C, Avellino

Currently the exposure of the Gallery is divided into two rooms that present the main families, when as many as 24, of Selachoidei. The National Gallery of...


MDAO - Museo d’Arte

Via Degli Imbimbo, 47, Avellino

The MdAO - Art Museum was founded in 1995, transforming a private collection of paintings in the museum, following the suggestions of Basilio Orga, historian of art....


Museo Zoologico degli Invertebrati “Lauretana Carbone”

Via Petronelli, 8, Avellino

The Zoological Museum of Invertebrates "Luretana Carbone", was opened to the public in July 2002 by ''European Association of Scientific and Naturalistic Museums"....