Luogo - Religious building

Santuario della Madonna Incoronata

Where Strada Provinciale Arcidosso, 38, Arcidosso (Grosseto)

Church was born as a votive offering to the end of the plague in 1348. The expansion began in the fifteenth century and continued in the following centuries. The facade has three portals interspersed with rectangular windows. The high altar preserves a fifteenth-century "Madonna and Child" attributed to Pellegrino Mariano Rossini. Among other works, fifteenth-century "Madonna of Mercy", the banner of Virgin in glory among Saints, "Miracle of the Snow" by Ventura Salimbeni, "Madonna with Child and Saint John" (1726) by Giuseppe Nicola Nasini. Of particular interest is the painting of 1736 depicting Pope Celestine V in the act of renunciation.

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