Religious building

Basilica di Santa Maria Assunta

PIAZZA CAPITOLO, 1, Aquileia, (Udine)

The Patriarchal Basilica of St. Mary Assumed is the main religious building of Aquileia (UD). The oldest remains date from the fourth century, the current Basilica...

Archaeological Area

Foro romano di Aquileia

Via Giulia Augusta, Aquileia, (Udine)

The Roman Forum is within walking distance from the complex of the Basilica. The large square was paved and surrounded by a portico raised by three steps, occupied by...


Museo archeologico nazionale di Aquileia

Via Roma, 1, Aquileia, (Udine)

The Museum, established in 1882 as "Imperial-Royal State Museum" under the patronage of Emperor Franz Joseph, is located in the Villa Cassis Pharaoh, built between...

Archaeological Area

Porto fluviale (via Sacra) di Aquileia

via Gemina, Aquileia, (Udine)

The River Port can be visited along a picturesque tree-lined pedestrian boulevard called "Via Sacra", created in 1934 after excavation and enhancement of the site....


Museo nazionale paleocristiano di Aquileia

Piazza Pirano, 1, Aquileia, (Udine)

Early Christian Museum was inaugurated in 1961 and was named after Franco Marinotti, patron who had contributed to the recovery of the building that houses it: built...

Archaeological Area

Sepolcreto della c.d. via Annia

Via XXIV Maggio, Aquileia, (Udine)

At the so-called Sepolcreto dell'Annia it can be visited five funerary enclosures. Thanks to their exceptional state of preservation, it can understand as it was...