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Piazza Émile Chanoux

Where Piazza Emile Chanoux, Aosta

Émile Chanoux Square is the main square of Aosta. It is located in central area of the city and has rectangular shape with long sides facing north and south. Once it called Carlo Alberto Square, but today is dedicated to the martyr of Aosta Valley Resistance, Émile Chanoux, murdered by fascists in 1944. In addition to Town Hall, Hôtel de Ville, and Hôtel des États, on this Square overlook other buildings that have marked the city's history during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, such as the building that occupies the western part of the south side, which once housed Hôtel de la Couronne et de la Poste, one of the most luxurious hotels in whole Valle d'Aosta; Xavier de Maistre's Home and under Porch of City Hall historic Caffè National, established in mid-nineteenth century on the ruins of St. Francis's Convent, which preserves its circular hall in Gothic style.

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