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Museo del tesoro della Cattedrale di Aosta

Where Piazza Papa Giovanni XXIII, Aosta

Placed in Cathedral, Museum provides a significant overview of Val d'Aosta XIII-XVIII centuries, combining pieces from rich Cathedral's Treasure of some works of art from different parishes in Valley. Among the most precious, a cameo from Roman times set in gold frame with stones and pearls of the thirteenth century and a diptych of Honorius, testimony of late Roman art. Very important are Gothic sculptures: among the older works, a frontal wooden carved XIII/XIV century. Rich gold collection contains French items and valuable silver relic busts with inscriptions and set with crystals and stones. There are exceptional pieces, such as the large Saint Gratus's relic chest, which may, initially headed by Guglielmo di Locana, was completed after his death to the Flemish Jean de Malines. It is part of Museum a collection of marble sepulchral sculptures, productions fifteenth Aosta artist Stefano Mossettaz.


Monday-Saturday 9:00/12:00 am; 15:00/17:30 pm. Sunday and holidays 15:00/17:30 pm.

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