Palazzo Ducale c
Historical building

Palazzo Ducale

Piazza La Corte, Andria, (Barletta-Andria-Trani)

The Ducal Palace, probably from the Norman-Swabian, stands on a site previously allocated to the city government. When, in 1308, Beatrice d'Anjou  moved herself to Andria, marrying the Duke Bertrand Del Balzo, the Cathedral Chapter gave her the opportunity to build a throne with a forum that would serve as a link between the Ducal Palace and the Cathedral. During the sixteenth century, the fief of Andria passed repeatedly property, until get to Fabrizio Carafa, who has completely rebuilt the Palace, enlarging its plant and decorating it in late-Renaissance style. The current configuration of the building, is the result of eight hundred renovations works.

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