Luogo - Museum

Museo archeologico nazionale delle Marche

Where Via Ferretti, 6, Ancona

The MANM is a synthesis of historical and archaeological knowledge of the Marche region, from Prehistory to the Romanization, only documented by finds from excavations. Regarding the Picena civilization, in particular, the Museum holds the richest and most prestigious existing collection. The exhibition, which in the final form will be divided into four sections, (prehistoric, the Piceno, Roman and medieval) in addition to medals, starts on the second floor where, in chronological order, are exposed complex Marche from the Paleolithic to the Bronze Age (Paleolithic, Neolithic, Eneolithic, Bronze Age). From the third to the first floor the path is dedicated to the Piceno civilization, from the initial stages until the period of the Galli Senoni that, with the prestigious tombs Moscosi Fabriano and Montefortino Arcevia, close the itinerary exhibition dedicated to this period. Recently is set up the section dedicated to the Hellenistic necropolis of Ancona with jewelry in gold, silver services, decorations inspired by similar models in bone ivory destined to adorn funerary beds, bowls glass mosaic and gold bands and extraordinary funerary monuments.

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