Luogo - Historical building

Palazzo degli Anziani

Where Vicolo dei Tribunali, 4, Ancona

The Palace of the Elders is the Ttown Hall since the thirteenth century. The building has ancient origins: it was built by Galla Placidia in 425 AD and demolished by the Saracens in 839, it was rebuilt in its present form in 1270 and designed by Margaritone d'Arezzo in Romanesque-Gothic style. The sea front, seven floors high, reflecting mainly the forms given to it by Margaritone, with arches at the base, pointed in Conero white stone  and the rest of the structure of brick, with Romanesque windows with arches cross. The front of the square, two stories high, preserves architectural remains by the same architect still visible, as the double order of loggias, pointed in Conero white stone, now walled, and a series of sculptural panels with scenes from the Bible. On one side of the building you can see a clock six hours and two plaques commemorating the Ggold Medal Emilio Bianchi and the Medal town as "Praise of the National Risorgimento". During the Second World War were lost the vaulted hall and the staircase, some salt and most of the lavish interior decorations and seventeenth century leather Venetian coatings.

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